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Letter to the Shareholders

To our Shareholders,

Profile of the Company and business trends in 2008

In 2008, after the change in our shareholder structure, the replacements in top management and the stabilization of corporate governance, Telecom Italia was able to concentrate its efforts on the process of relaunching its business and growth.

The most immediate cause for concern was to invert the downward trend which, still in the first quarter of 2008, was reflected in sales and profit margins. Keeping an ever-watchful eye on improving operations, the Group set about gradually and effectively turning the situation around. In fact, by the last quarter of the year, organic revenues were almost back in line with those in the same period of 2007 and profit margins had also finally begun to increase again. The positive end to the year was determined, on the one hand, by the expansion of broadband services, the development of Information & Communication Technology Services for businesses, the repricing of mobile phone rates and, more generally, by a sales policy oriented more towards value and efficiency and, on the other, by rigorous control of operating costs, capital expenditures and overheads.

In parallel with action on the operating side, we also identified the priorities and the structural measures that must be pursued in order to generate higher cash flow, reduce the relationship between earnings capacity and debt and, create the basis for healthy, solid growth in the medium-to-long term, while remaining firmly anchored to the values of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of the Telecom Italia Group.

A new climate – the rapport with the Regulator

One matter that has been a Number One priority since the beginning of our mandate has been to create a constructive climate of frankness and steadfast cooperation with national and supra-national institutions and, in particular, with the Italian Communications Authority and other Authorities in the sector. In fact, we have succeeded in establishing a positive dialogue, with the aim of avoiding the kind of difficult situation encountered in the past with regard to regulations, which penalized our company more than other operators.

Open Access

It was also in the light of this augmented transparency and an increasingly open attitude towards the market that, in February, the Group took a decisive organizational step: the creation of Open Access, a division that is completely separate from the Group’s commercial functions. The new division has the task of managing the fixed access network efficiently and guaranteeing equal conditions and treatment for all operators. This corporate initiative was followed by the start of voluntary commitments, presented by Telecom Italia and approved by the Authority, which judged it positively with a view to improving the conditions for competing on access markets. Furthermore, the fact that we have succeeded in establishing a more constructive rapport with the Regulatory Authority has also enabled us to drive home our viewpoint with regard to such important topics as mobile termination rates, the procedures to be followed when changing from one operator to another, and the increase in the subscriber line charge, which has remained unaltered since July 2002.

Our rapport with the institutions

Another constructive factor was Telecom Italia’s confrontation with political institutions about the development of telecommunications in Italy. It should be borne in mind that, having recognized the strategic national importance of spreading broadband rapidly together with the services which it supports, the Government and Parliament approved important measures to streamline the administrative procedures governing the creation of optical networks and systems and provide financial backing for projects intended to eliminate the ‘digital divide’. On a territorial level, we have managed to create close links with local administrations, businesses and social organizations, with the result that we now have numerous cooperation agreements in the sphere of regional development strategies for building new networks and new services.

Our rapport with the other stakeholders

Factors of staunch cooperation and reciprocal trust have been key to our relations with our competitors, consumer associations and the labor unions. In particular, with regard to the latter category, agreement has been reached regarding the plan for reorganization and regaining efficiency announced in June.

The 2009-2011 Industrial Plan

Against the background of this intense and highly rewarding dialogue with the institutions and the stakeholders, we worked hard to design an effective industrial plan for 2009-2011. The plan hinges on the vital aim of generating greater cash flow in order to bring debt down to acceptable levels. In particular, the plan redefines the Group’s core activities, which will be concentrated in Italy and Brazil, and involves an immediate commitment to reducing costs and stabilizing revenues, as well as an ambitious divestiture program, to be implemented as soon as market conditions permit.

A return to growth on the domestic market

As far as Italy is concerned, our Group intends to be the driver of the digitalization of Italy’s economic and social system, helping customers to migrate from conventional phone services to the new services made possible by high-speed network technologies. To encourage this process and move to meet the demand in an even more effective way, we have created a new ‘customer-centric’ kind of organization, structured according to segments of the clientele and no longer according to technologies.

We shall continue to strongly support innovation. The growing penetration of broadband and convergence between fixed and mobile technologies will allow us to introduce hi-tech Information and Communication Technology solutions to the market for businesses and the Public Administration, and to distribute multi-platform digital content to consumers. We intend to launch important projects to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty, through the value of our services, but also through specific measures to improve the quality of what we are offering, both from the technical standpoint, and from the standpoint of assistance and support.

Our objective: efficiency

We have supported--and will continue to support--actions to improve revenues with others in the area of costs. The imperative need to generate cash flow, together with ever-increasing pressure from the competition, compels us to make a quantum leap of efficiency at the operating level. To this end, we have launched a series of programs: 1) to restructure sales and customer support activities according to the “customer centric” rationale, thus ensuring better customer care and the development of new channels; 2) to rationalize our main technological and systems infrastructures and 3) to align our processes and support functions with the most demanding industry best practices. The results which emerge from these measures will enhance those resulting from the synergies with Telefónica.

Brazil – a return to excellence

In Brazil, we can count on the certain advantages of the unquestioned superiority of mobile broadband compared to fixed broadband and our excellent positioning on the market. Development potential there is high. For that reason, we shall continue to invest in innovation, with the aim of once again making Tim Brasil the acknowledged market leader in terms of the value of its customer base and its technological excellence.


As is the Group’s longstanding custom, our decision-making processes and operations will continue to be based on a very real awareness of our responsibility as a company to every category of stakeholder. In fact, our concern for sustainability in the environmental and social spheres will continue to be the driving factor behind our competitiveness.

The economic scenario in 2009 and the role of telecommunications

In the immediate future, the Group will be confronted with an ever-more complex global economic scenario, marked by a general feeling of pessimism. However, telecommunications are proving to be one of the industry segments least affected by the pro-cyclical trend because of the ever-more crucial role of communication in our society and the awareness that our sector is increasingly a central factor in the creation and multiplication of productivity.

Why trust is justified

However, in a market which continues to offer opportunities for growth, and having left the transition phase firmly behind, Telecom Italia is now turning towards the path of revival. The challenge, though, remains complex and, precisely for that reason, will be confronted with the awareness that, in industry, milestones cannot be rapidly removed, but must be passed one by one, methodically, precisely and one step at a time. By adopting these criteria and sustained by the widely acknowledged, time-tested skills and competence of all our employees, the motives for placing trust in the future of the Company seem solid and fully justified.