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 Report on Operations

The major operating and financial indicators of the Telecom Italia Group point to a trend of progress in 2008, with significant positive signs registered in the Domestic area where price erosion decelerated noticeably and overall profit margins reported gains.

Selected financial and operating data of the Group

30,158 €
million of euro
11,367 €
million of euro
Organic EBITDA margin
5,463 €
million of euro
Organic EBIT margin
2,214 €
Consolidated profit
million of euro
34,039 €
Net financial debt
million of euro

Business Units of the Telecom Italia Group


It includes domestic operations of fixed-line telecommunications (around 17.4 million of retail voice accesses, 8.1 million Broadband accesses – 15,000 million euro revenues) and mobile telecommunications (approximately 34.8 million of GSM and UMTS mobile lines – 9,729 million euro revenues).


Revenues of 13,951 million of reais, with a growth by 4.9% compared to 2007. Market share of 24.2%, with 36.4 million lines.

European BroadBand 

Revenues of 1,274 million euro, with an increase of 123 million euro (+10.7%) compared to 2007. The custode portfolio exceeds 2.5 million accesses.


Organized in the two Areas of Business Television and News, its revenues amount to 224 million euro, with an increase of 4.25% compared to 2007.


Revenues amount to 352 million euro in 2008 and record a decrease of 56 million euro compared to 2007.

Sustainability in Telecom Italia 

For twelve years, Telecom Italia Group has been analysing its own performance with regard to those interested parties on whom it depends and who influences by its own activities, that is, the stakeholders: Customers, Suppliers, Competitors, Institutions, the Environment, the Community, Human Resources and Shareholders.